2005 Mid-Season Report

By Josh Bertman, GM, Burke Boomerangs

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C: Jason Varitek (Faithfuls)
1B: Derrek Lee (Outlaws)
2B: Brian Roberts (Roosters)
3B: Morgan Ensberg (Clams)
SS: Michael Young (Faithfuls)
OF: Andruw Jones (Boomerangs)
OF: Cliff Floyd (Roundabouts)
OF: Carlos Lee (Firemen)
UT: Chase Utley (Roosters)
Bench: Torii Hunter (Boomerangs)
Bench: Mark Teixiera (Roosters)
Bench: Jorge Cantu (Firemen)
Bench: Scott Podsednik (Outlaws)
Bench: Travis Hafner (Starfish)
SP: Roy Halladay (Starfish)
SP: Chris Carpenter (Heroes)
SP: Roger Clemens (Outlaws)
SP: Pedro Martinez (Roundabouts)
SP: Mark Buehrle (Boomerangs)
SP: Dontrelle Willis (Ants)
SP: Bartolo Colon (Grenades)
SP: John Smoltz (Robots)
RP: Chad Cordero (Roundabouts)
RP: Bob Wickman (Outlaws)
RP: Scott Shields (Outlaws)

First-Half MVP:
Derrek Lee, Outlaws
It's hard not to give a guy the first half MVP when many considered him to be the 8th best 1B going into the season and he's got a legitimate shot at winning the first ever JFBL triple crown as well as holding a dominant lead in player rater. Despite the Outlaws having a league-leading 5 JFBL All-Stars, none is more important than Lee to keeping the Outlaws in the hunt for the money.
Honorable Mention: Travis Hafner (Starfish), Andruw Jones (Boomerangs)

First-Half Cy Young:
Roy Halladay, Starfish
Many thought his best campaign was a flash in the pan. However, Halladay has proved he is an elite pitcher while anchoring an incredible Starfish rotation that has helped the Starfish to go into the break ahead of the evil empire from Reston. Time will tell how Halladay heals from his recent injury and whether he will return in the same form to lead the Starfish down the stretch.
Honorable Mention: Chris Carpenter (Heroes), Roger Clemens (Outlaws)