2004 Mid-Season Report
Dan Hausman
G.M. Reston Roundabouts

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The entire Reston Roundabout organization is proud to present the 2004 JFBL All-Star team. The All-Star event is quickly becoming one of the best parts of the season for the fans, players, and everyone else involved in the JFBL. There is no other time that everyone can see the players that are helping their teams so much all in one place. The criteria to make the team may not yet be set in stone, but that is one of the reasons the process is so entertaining.

We will continue to enjoy a fine 2004 season. The race for the JFBL trophy will be fun as contenders are separated from the pretenders. Teams will make decisions for their future while trying to stay competitive today. Best of luck to everyone associated with the JFBL.

I am personally grateful to present the team and I am sure that the All-Stars are happy to be part of the event. Here is your 2004 JFBL All-Star team.

2004 JFBL All-Stars
(Starters in bold)

C V.Martinez - Annandale Ants. Victor may be the top JFBL catcher in the history of the league by the time his career is through.
C I.Rodriguez - Oakton Outlaws. Ivan has nearly matched his production from the last two seasons while batting 50 points better.

1B S.Casey - Reston Roosters. The Roosters finally got $23 worth of value.
1B C.Wilson - Sterling Starfish. Craig is making a demanding switch to C after Helton arrived.

2B M.Young - Fairfax Faithfuls. He could have been the MVP if the Faithfuls stayed in contention.

3B A.Beltre - Herndon Heroes. Adrian can barely walk.
3B A.Ramirez - Fairfax Firemen. He has fully rebounded from an awful 2002.
3B M.Mora - Reston Robots. The Robots may have to trade him to the Roosters under some weird clauses in a deal from last year that both sides can t really remember.

SS C.Guillen - Annandale Ants. Rediculous.

OF J.D. Drew - Sterling Starfish. Finally healthy and showing what he can do.
OF M.Lawton - Reston Roosters. Has been an energizer for the 10th place Roosters.
OF S.Finley - Reston Roundabouts. Congratulations Steve.
OF A.Dunn - Clifton Clams. I would take Dunn over Chipper and Lowell.
OF J.Damon - Reston Roosters. It is hard to tell if his hair is gay or cool. Not that hard. Gay.
OF C.Crawford - Reston Robots. He is a top 10 JFBL outfielder, and that was not close to a certainty going into the season.
OF H.Matsui - Fairfax Firemen. Some guys take a while to live up to their hype in Fairfax.

UT P.Konerko - Annandale Ants. Paul is back on track.
UT D.Ortiz - Burke Boomerangs. David, you are a disgusting individual. Lick Tejada s balls some more you fat gap toothed idiot. Lick Manny s too.

SP R.Clemens - Burke Boomerangs. Hero fans must be very sad that Clemens decided to play for the Boomerangs instead of retiring.
SP B.Sheets - Fairfax Firemen. Ben is quickly establishing himself as a true ace.
SP C.Zambrano - Oakton Outlaws. More effective then Prior for the Outlaws.
SP M.Clement - Fairfax Faithfuls. He should have more respect by now.
SP B.Penny - Annandale Ants. His recent drop in velocity is attributed to a cut on the knee. Breath easy Ant fans.
SP O.Perez - Fairfax Firemen. Stupid beard.
SP T.Glavine - Fairfax Faitfuls. I thought he was dead.
RP B.Lidge - Herndon Heroes. Responded well to new late inning duties.
RP D.Kolb - Burke Boomernags. How does he do it?
RP F.Cordero - Clifton Clams. Only reliable Clam in their pen.
RP J.Nathan - Herndon Heroes. A draft day steal.
RP E.Guardado - Great Falls Grenades. Eddie still has what it takes to close.

1. M.Young 2B
2. C.Guillen SS
3. J.D. Drew RF
4. A.Beltre 3B
5. P.Konerko UT
6. C.Wilson (Injury Replacement) 1B
7. V.Martinez C
8. S.Finley CF
9. M.Lawton - LF