2003 Mid-Season Report
Dan Hausman
G.M. Reston Roundabouts
The selection of the JFBL all-star team is an important tradition. I am personally honored to be able to present the 3rd annual all-star team, and I am sure that every single player that makes the team is grateful to be regarded so highly among those that care about the JFBL. The elected all-stars and selected all-stars will always be remembered in the JFBL record books, and that is a significant thing. This yearís title race will hopefully be a very interesting one. We will have to see how the title race plays out throughout the course of the season, but I am sure it will be intriguing. I hope to wish every player, fan, and person 
associated with the JFBL the best of luck over the remainder of the season. Without further delay, here is your 2003 JFBL all-star team. 
2003 JFBL All-Stars
(Starters in bold)
C - Jason Varitek - Fairfax Faithfuls. Jason has put together his most successful JFBL season ever. His shoulder injury in the JFBL inaugural season is clearly a thing of the past.
C - Javy Lopez - Great Falls Grenades. Javy has put up outstanding power numbers in limited at bats in Great Falls.
1B - Carlos Delgado - Fairfax Faithfuls. Carlos has been the top run producer in the JFBL. He is closing in on career highs in runs, home runs, and runs batted in and it is only the all-star break.
1B - Richie Sexson - Sterling Starfish.Richie has been a masher in a strong Starfish lineup.
2B - Bret Boone - Reston Robots. Bret is the best Boone around. Boone.
3B - Mike Lowell - Clifton Clams. Mike is simply crushing the ball. Each home run he hits adds to his career high.
3B - Albert Pujols - Great Falls Grenades. Albert may be the hottest hitter in the planet. Big things were expected of Albert, and he more then delivered.
3B - Hank Blalock - Sterling Starfish. Hank put a disappointing rookie season behind him to establish himself as a top third baseman.
SS - Edgar Renteria - Fairfax Firemen. Edgar has become the prototypical speedy shortstop in the JFBL.
SS - Rafael Furcal - Fairfax Faithfuls. Rafael added power to his offensive game this off season. 
OF - Vernon Wells - Reston Roosters. Vernon has made Rooster fans forget Luis Gonzalez, permanently. 
OF -  Preston Wilson - Herndon Heroes. Prestonís power numbers are right in line with his career averages. But, it is only the all-star break.
OF - Corey Patterson - Reston Roosters. Corey brought a daunting power speed combination to the JFBL before tearing his ACL.
OF - Gary Sheffield - Sterling Starfish. Gary is really cool.
OF - Geoff Jenkins - Oakton Outlaws. Geoff finally managed to make his way back from injury problems to become a key contributor for a contending team..
OF - Jim Edmonds - Burke Boomerangs. 
Utility - Melvin Mora - Reston Robots. Melvin can do it all at many positions. A perfect utility player.
Pitcher - Kevin Brown - Reston Roundabouts. Congratulations Kevin.
Pitcher - Russ Ortiz - Great Falls Grenades. Russ is carrying a staff that has both Tim Hudson and Curt Schilling.
Pitcher - Woody Williams - Reston Robots. Woody is finally healthy, and he is pitching like an ace.
Pitcher - Brett Myers - Reston Roosters. Brett is another young Rooster star.
Pitcher - Hideo Nomo - Burke Boomerangs. Hideo has raised his game to the level of an ace.
Pitcher - Joel Pineiro - Clifton Clams. Joel will anchor the killer Clifton rotation for the next 10 years.
Pitcher - Jason Schmidt - Reston Robots. Jason has become the best starter in JFBL.
Pitcher - Kazuhisa Ishii - Reston Roosters.  Kazuhisa is dominating despite major control problems.
Pitcher - Tim Worrell - Reston Roundabouts.  Congratulations Tim.
Pitcher - Mike MacDougal - Great Falls Grenades. Mike has pitched his face off.
Pitcher - Braden Looper - Annandale Ants. Braden was a popular Outlaw. Now he will be closing games for the Ants.
Pitcher -  Joe Borowski - Oakton Outlaws. Joe helped make a problem area a strength for the 2003 Outlaws.
Pitcher - Rocky Biddle - Reston Roundabouts. Congratulations Rocky.
1. E.Renteria SS
2. B.Boone 2B
3. C.Delgado 1B
4. M.Lowell 3B
5. P.Wilson RF
6. V.Wells CF
7. M. Mora DH
8. J.Varitek C

9. C. Patterson LF