2010 Minor League Draft
Pick Pos Last First Team
1.1 SP Chapman Aroldis Starfish
1.2 SS Castro Starlin Clams
1.3 SP Castro Simon 66ers
1.4 SS Sano Miguel Robots
1.5 SP Withrow Chris Roosters
1.6 SP Colome Alex Roundabouts
1.7 SP Britton Zach Roundabouts
1.8 SP Martinez Mesa Fabio Roundabouts
1.9 OF Decker Jaff Roundabouts
1.10 SS Profar Jurickson Arsenal
1.11 C Ramos Wilson 66ers
1.12 2B Sizemore Scott Robots
2.1 SP Miller Aaron Starfish
2.2 SS Salcedo Eduardo Roundabouts
2.3 SS Espinosa Danny Grenades
2.4 SP Lyles Jordan Outlaws
2.5 SS Noriega Gabriel Roosters
2.6 OF Gose Anthony 66ers
2.7 OF Robinson Trayvon Heroes
2.8 OF Gillies Tyson 66ers
2.9 SP Rodriguez Wilking Roundabouts
2.10 OF James Jiwan Arsenal
2.11 SP May Trevor 66ers
2.12 P Arguelles Noel Foxes
3.1 C Bethancourt Christian Grenades
3.2 3B Liddi Alex Roundabouts
3.3 OF Neal Thomas Roundabouts
3.4 SP Font Wilmer Robots
3.5 1B Rizzo Anthony Grenades
3.6 C Stock Robert Roundabouts
3.7 C Sanchez Gary Foxes
3.8 RP Sanchez Eduardo Grenades
3.9 SS Fields Daniel 66ers
3.10 RP Kimbrel Craig Arsenal
3.11 SS Iglesias Jose Outlaws
3.12 SP Scarpetta Cody Heroes
4.1 OF WIlliams Everett Foxes
4.2 SP Salcedo Adrian Foxes
4.3 SP Stewart Zach Grenades
4.4 SP Pimentel Stolmy Outlaws
4.5 OF Desme Grant Roosters
4.6 SP Banuelos Manny Grenades
4.7 SP Cosart Jarred Foxes
4.8 C Valle Sebastian Roundabouts
4.9 OF Santana Domingo Arsenal
4.10 OF Broxton Keon 66ers
4.11 C Perez Carlos Clams
5.1 2B Gibson Derrik Starfish
5.2 SP Pelzer Wynn Robots
5.3 SP Richards Garret Roundabouts
5.4 SP Peralta Wily Roosters
5.5 OF Pimentel Guillermo Foxes
5.6 SP Webster Allen Clams
5.7 SP Bachanov Jon Arsenal
5.8 SS Gomez Hector 66ers
6.1 SP Heckathorn Kyle Starfish
6.2 OF Marisnick Jake Grenades
6.3 C Lucroy Jon Roosters
6.4 SS Givens Mychal Grenades
6.5 OF Burke Kyler Heroes
6.6 SS Pierre Gustavo Clams
6.7 OF Milligan Adam Arsenal
6.8 OF Marte Starling 66ers
7.1 SP Bushue Tanner Robots
7.2 OF Krauss Marc Roosters
7.3 1B Singleton Jonathan Grenades
7.4 RP Satterwhite Cody 66ers
7.5 SP Urbina Juan Clams
7.6 OF Craig Allen Arsenal
7.7 SP Cain Colton 66ers
8.1 OF Perez Eury Roosters
8.2 3B Sweeney Matt Grenades
8.3 SP Bromberg David Heroes
8.4 SP Marinez Jhan Clams
8.5 SP Dwyer Chris Arsenal
9.1 SP Chaffee Ryan Grenades
9.2 C Joseph Tommy Clams