2008 Minor League Draft
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Pick Pos Last First Team
1.1 SP de los Santos Fautino Robots
1.2 OF Schafer Jordan Firemen
1.3 OF Jackson Austin Grenades
1.4 SP Walden Jordan Arsenal
1.5 SP Latos Matt Grenades
1.6 SP Teheran Julio Firemen
1.7 OF Kalish Ryan 66ers
1.8 OF Beltre Engel Starfish
1.9 SP Spoone Chorye Heroes
1.10 SS Nelson Chris Roundabouts
1.11 OF Revere Ben Foxes
1.12 SP Cahill Trevor Roundabouts
2.1 SP Sosa Henry Roundabouts
2.2 OF Weglarz Nick Grenades
2.3 SP Horne Alan Robots
2.4 RP Ceda Jose Arsenal
2.5 SS Duran German Firemen
2.6 SS Tejeda Oscar Roundabouts
2.7 OF DeLeon Kelvin 66ers
2.8 SP Robertson Tyler Robots
2.9 1B Blanks Kyle Firemen
2.10 SP McDonald James Roundabouts
2.11 OF Perez Fernando Heroes
2.12 SP Rohrbaugh Cole Roundabouts
3.1 SP Hanson Tommy Roundabouts
3.2 1B Carp Mike Roosters
3.3 OF Johnson Cody Outlaws
3.4 OF Shelby John Arsenal
3.5 SP Cortes Daniel Grenades
3.6 SS Gomez Hector Foxes
3.7 SS Middlebrooks Will Foxes
3.8 OF Royster Ryan Foxes
3.9 SP Egbert Jack Heroes
3.10 OF Martinez Jose Foxes
3.11 SS Brewer Brent 66ers
3.12 OF Bourjos Peter Roundabouts
4.1 OF Brown Dominic 66ers
4.2 1B Head Stephen Roosters
4.3 OF Brown Jordan Outlaws
4.4 SP Duffy Danny Arsenal
4.5 OF Reddick Josh Grenades
4.6 SP Griffith Nevin Heroes
4.7 SS Flores Wilmer Roundabouts
4.8 2B Tolisano John Clams
4.9 3B Gamel Matt Heroes
4.10 C Ramos Wilson Foxes
4.11 SS Silverio Juan Foxes
4.12 OF Chavez Yohermyn Clams
5.1 3B Francisco Juan Grenades
5.2 SP Duensing Brian Outlaws
5.3 OF Saunders Michael Arsenal
5.4 SS Navarro Reynaldo Foxes
5.5 SP Samardzija Jeff Firemen
5.6 3B Almanzar Michael Roundabouts
5.7 SP Bryson Robert Clams
5.8 OF Dorn Danny Heroes
5.9 SS Dejesus Jharmidy Roundabouts
5.10 2B Thomas Tony 66ers
5.11 OF Jones D.J. Starfish
6.1 SP Tobin Mason Foxes
6.2 OF Moss Brandon Outlaws
6.3 SP Bailey Andrew Arsenal
6.4 1B Lambo Andrew Grenades
6.5 SS Angelini Carmen Firemen
6.6 C Ramirez Max Robots
6.7 C Jaso John 66ers
6.8 SP Mason Chris Firemen
6.9 SP Manship Jeff Robots
6.10 SP Zimmerman Jordan 66ers
6.11 SP Cordier Eric Starfish
7.1 SP Mulvey Kevin Grenades
7.2 SP Niese Jon Arsenal
7.3 SP Lincoln Brad Grenades
7.4 SP O'Sullivan Sean Robots
7.5 SP Lotzkar Kyle 66ers
7.6 SP Boggs Mitch 66ers
7.7 SP LeBlanc Wade Starfish
8.1 OF Benson Joe Foxes
8.2 OF Romak Jamie Arsenal
8.3 2B Velez Eugenio Grenades
8.4 SP Correa Hector 66ers
8.5 RP Kunz Eddie 66ers
8.6 SP Herron Tyler Starfish
9.1 OF Anderson Josh Arsenal
9.2 3B Baez Pedro Grenades
9.3 SP Miller Drew 66ers
9.4 SP Hamilton Brandon Clams
9.5 SS Iorg Cale Starfish
10.1 SP Rustich Brant Arsenal
10.2 3B Mattair Travis Clams
10.3 OF Lin Che-Hsuan Clams