2003 Amateur Draft
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Pick Pos Last First Team
1.1 OF Young Delmon Firemen
1.2 OF Harvey Ryan Roosters
1.3 1B Aubrey Michael Clams
1.4 SP Allison Jeff Ants
1.5 OF Murton Matt Outlaws
1.6 SP Stauffer Tim Boomerangs
1.7 C Maier Mitch Faithfuls
1.8 OF Quentin Carlos Robots
1.9 OF Snyder Brad Starfish
1.10 OF Lubanski Chris Heroes
1.11 SP Maholm Paul Grenades
1.12 OF Sinisi Vince Roundabouts
2.1 3B D'Antona James Firemen
2.2 SP Wagner Ryan Roosters
2.3 SP Danks John Clams
2.4 3B Stewart Ian Ants
2.5 SP Aardsma David Outlaws
2.6 SP Miller Adam Boomerangs
2.7 SS Drew Steven Faithfuls
2.8 SS Hill Aaron Robots
2.9 3B Jackson Conor Starfish
2.10 SP Markakis Nick Heroes
2.11 SP Whitaker Craig Grenades
2.12 OF Anderson Brian Roundabouts
3.1 SS Upton Justin Firemen
3.2 3B Duncan Eric Roosters
3.3 OF Murphy David Clams
3.4 SP Cornell Marc Ants
3.5 SP Baker Scott Outlaws
3.6 SP Bakker Kyle Boomerangs
3.7 SP Lewis Scott Faithfuls
3.8 C Powell Landon Robots
3.9 SS Wood Brandon Starfish
3.10 3B Moses Matt Heroes
3.11 3B Snyder Brian Grenades
3.12 SP Dove Dennis Roundabouts
4.1 3B Vega Miguel Firemen
4.2 OF Sweeney Ryan Roosters
4.3 C Saltalamacchia Jarrod Clams
4.4 SP Sborz Jay Ants
4.5 OF Gwynn Anthony Outlaws
4.6 1B Becher Billy Boomerangs
4.7 SP Townsend Wade Faithfuls
4.8 SP Pauly Thomas Robots
4.9 OF Battle Tim Starfish
4.10 SP Bard Dan Heroes
4.11 SP Abrams Casey Grenades
4.12 1B Johnson Mike Roundabouts
5.1 SP Lumsden T yler Firemen
5.2 SP Buck Dallas Roosters
5.3 SP Almonte Danny Clams
5.4 OF Cleveland Jeremy Ants
5.5 SP Littleton Wes Outlaws
5.6 OF Brown Mike Boomerangs
5.7 SP Niemann Jeff Faithfuls
5.8 SP Pomeranz Stuart Robots
5.9 SP Jensen Aaron Starfish
5.10 SP Hughes Jared Heroes
5.11 SP Maine Scott Grenades
5.12 C Herrera Javier Roundabouts